Metal Roofing Systems

For Pitched Roofs
Metal Roofing / Metal Walls, Fascia, Soffits and other Custom Options

Metal roofing comes in many different styles and types, it is one of the most versatile systems available. Some of the styles available are standing seam, corrugated, and tiles designed to simulate the appearances of other types of roofs such as wood shakes, slate or a traditional tile roof. Commonly used materials for metal roofs are Steel, Aluminum, Zinc and luxury options such as Copper.


With the versatility of metal, it can match nearly any architectural style imaginable. The cost will be higher than a typical shingle roof, but with proper care and maintenance will outlast other systems.  These materials can be painted a wide range of colors, or be bare metal, such as Steel roofs designed to rust to give a rustic aesthetic appeal or natural Copper roofs that will weather with a desirable patina. Hale’s Roofing specializes in other custom metal options for your home, such as walls panels, fascia wraps, soffit panels and other custom details. Metal roofs are a highly sustainable system. The metal panels are 100% recyclable at the end of their service life, unlike other systems which go directly in a landfill at the end of their lifespan.

Hale’s Roofing provides a 5 year warranty on metal roof systems.


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