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Hale’s Roofing LLC holds a long-standing reputation for excellence in craftsmanship and customer service. Nearly all of our new business is word-of-mouth referrals and we also have the pleasure of much repeat business from those customers who own multiple properties. We provide the best customer service; engage us to work for you and let us WOW you with how well we streamline the process for you. Licensed, bonded and insured, we pride ourselves on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Our Services

We are a full-service roofing contractor. Hale's Roofing LLC installs and repairs many types of roof systems, both residential and commercial. Some, but not all types of systems we offer are tile, shingle, slate, built-up, single ply, elastomeric, metal, and foam (repairs only for foam).

Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is gaining in popularity for your steep pitched roof. It doesn't burn like shingles and if installed properly, it will last a lifetime. Remember that you're in Arizona though and some components may need periodic maintenance - depending on the product you choose for your roof. See our links at the product links page to check it out.


Tile Roofs

Tile is always popular because it is so long lasting and beautiful. Clay tile has crisp and clean lines, but probably not a good idea around the golf course, since it is softer than the concrete tile; which is less expensive and comes in many more colors than clay. Birdstops will help to prevent nesting by birds and other little critters which can play havoc with the underlayment (the main component in keeping your roof long lasting and water-tight).

Shingle Roofs

We are certified, trained, Master or Pro installers of Certainteed and Tamko products, but if you have a favorite manufacturer different than what we offer, we can acquire and install it for you. We offer a system which provides you with a limited lifetime product warranty (and other superior criteria). If we installed it, maintenance is free for the first two or five years (depending on the install).

Flat Roofs 

We offer a number of flat roof systems, including a lifetime product. Flat roofs require regular maintenance, so call us to come check it out, free of charge. 

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